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{Pattington Bear} table runner"! 12 by 12 2 in half inch squares Christmas tree with buttons! 4of July table runner A new start with a heart like mine! Act it out Adult congestive heart failure AirPlains Quilt AirPlains Quilt 66 by 66 available AirPlains Quilt small throw All my stars table runner All my stars table runner in the making and chicks oh my baby quilt!" Anniversary flowers Baby giraffes Quilt baby zoo annimals such a soft baby quilt with tie not's i added back to the Croods Basket Ball Fun Bits & Pieces Large Throw! box Step Pattern Large Throw 2013-2014 Breakfast sausage hash browns and scrambled eggs and melted cheese on top Bridal Shower pics Bridal Shower Time Bronco fervor Cardiac cath Carrie Comfort Quits Carries Comfort Quiilts Carries Comfort Quilts Carries Comfort Quits CarriesComfort Quilts Carving pumpkins time 2014 Cats and zebra Quilt twin size Celebration Christmas 2015 Christmas Charlie Brown! Christmas season don't forget the real reason close up baby kittns baby Quilt Colorado Rockies night Crib size Flying gueese pattern snoopy and wood stalk forever for ever Croods video clip must watch listen care fully to there message!" Denver mart Quilt Show Don't be over cooked pasta Down town adventures dress Rehursal Night Facts about Noah film Fear Is Leaving! Feeling Broken Nov 2013 back in the hospital with Kidney failure" FiancΓ© side of our love story Fun treasures. Garden town home ideas for our place:) Gods waiting room Got to meet everyone on Robs side of the family 1/7/14 gotta love Tinkerbell!" Happy holidays Happy song Harvest Party 2013 Heart Like mine part 2 Hello kitty quilt Home sweet Home I googled what the doctors next plan for me!! feeling not affraid." I must confess I said yes to my dress I want to grow my poem I'll take it any day If u had the time or money or both Im A survivor! Inspirational quotes John deer quilt in the making Jumping Frogs Rail Fence Quilt! large Throw Slide show pattern fabrics show case is Ballerina dancers! LeMoyne Star Lions and tigers & Monkeys omy! Lions Tigers super Heroes Mandisa - Over Comer Me and My Sister Design Pattern easy 6 Meen while snowy Colorado Moms #5 charity Quilt Moms 8 Charity Quilt Moms first charity Quilt 2014 My business items I ordered. Can't wait to have them My etsy store My Faith Wall My first appliquΓ© thanks giving table runner my First fringe quilt appliqua' hearts"! My girls FCC My Graduation T Shirt Quilt! My head is killing me My heart procedure My New Start! My testimony 2009! nap time Quilt boy or a girl thomas the Train! Nap time Quilt Tweety ! for a boy or a girl ! nap Time Quilt UnderCunstruction Trucks and cars! Nap time sports balls quilt for a boy or a girl! Neoplotian Baby Quilt New year 2015 New Years 1/1/14 Noahs baby annimals On my way our engagement photos! 2013 last Feb 14! Our first wedding anniversary Our friends baby shower time. Our wedding Day Our wedding video Peanuts on Ice Skates Small Throw! for a boy or a girl! Piano covers are complete Pillowcases " Poem "You Hold My Heart" Poem "Missing Nicole" Poem "let Him hold you" Poem "When I need you the most" Poem Girl U know he will Poem God Holds the tears when we can not cry" Quilters Travel Reba McEntire words Relient k I celebrate the Day my fave Christmas song!" it will melt your heart 2! Rob & I our Fall Pics Oct 20 /2013 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum Sandras Holiday tablescape Sew and tell day Sew and tell group Sew and tell time Sew for Haiti Sewing for Haiti Skit Guys Baggage Video! small throw Happy Squares ! So close but so Far so let it grow! Jan 12/14 soft flannel baby quilt of tiny roses!" soft sheeps turtles Sometimes we have the Crood's issue Spring table runner Star Wars Quilt Stay Connected ! Striped Quilt Large Through girlsscout cookies and jelly beans candy chocolate kind of a quilt !! Sunflower table runner Sweet Nudge Thanks giving moments 2015 The beginning of piano covers The bride side of the story " The heart disease I was born with The message The shock of my life there are speed bumps and pot holes" this pattern small throw and i made it along the way with out a pattern! Tinker Bell Pannell Tinker Bell Quilt Twin size baseball quilt U never know Valentine project 2/14/14 Valentine weekend Video count on me Video of Beth Moore "fight worth fighting for" Video piano guys Video tenth ave north Video were feet may fall Vidio Casting Crowns Some Where in the Middle." Waiting for his results Weather the storm Wedding memories Wedding praise report What are you thankful for Winny the pooh classics & Friends Qween size my first Qween I ever made maybe not the last!! Winter mug rug Women if Faith Time


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas:)!2015

We had Christmas at my cousins home and we played a fun game after we stuffed our selves silly with a delious ham & turkey and all the wonderful side dishes  and dessert !! 
We played this game each person takes turn to roll the dice and if u get a pair doubles it's your turn to unwrapped the gift that's ends up in a tiny box! 
And he dice goes around each person and has a turn to where the grinch hat and to try and unwrap the hardest gift that's wrapped up in tape lots and lots of  packing tape ! 
It was lots of fun and laughter and the winner was my husband!!! 
Rob got the gift card to Starbucks !!!! 

We had great uncle tony with us :) 

Carol & Darryl 
Carol Daryl with there grand kids which are my cousins :) 

Baby Charlotte first Christmas πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸ“·


Happy holidays !!!!

Hope my family friends and quilter friends have had a wonderful time over the holidays !!! 

This year has been a roller coaster for my husband and I we had many speed bumps as they say life gives us I belive that nothing God doesn't know about already he knows our steps and days timeline our moments!  One thing I know is that God landed a job in his lap this year working for delivering gasoline  he is adjusting to his new career quite well speed bumps along the way with the hit and run accident !  

Blessings also came through for that ! Me on the other hand having 3 susprised Heart Procedures and two new melody valves also blessings came through that speed bump! & our latest speed bump through life my husband falling of the latter few days ago landed on his back while putting lights on the outside tree.  
And speed bumps worried about finances  and i came home stressed from the bank and a block away from his moms house yes wouldn't u know it I got stuck tried to go forward and back word no such luck of going anywhere ! 

Yes I sat there and sobbed not just the part of being stuck I believed I just sobed out loud I was so angry for a few moments at God and yelled "why Lord Why!!? ".   And after I stopped yelling in the car by myself with my lights blinking  I head a still small voice loud and clear in my heart 
Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest " 

So I stopped yelling in the car seriously I was yelling , 
Someone came out of there home to give me a push out of my being stuck  ! I was ever so happy to see her I thanked her graciously ! 
God was telling me in my heart I need to rest more on him and wait then He will give me what I need ◄ 2 Corinthians 12:9 ►
Parallel Verses
New International Version
But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.   
(All that we been through I haven't been able to rest I have just been keeping on going  and resting meens be still don't do anything which meens no worry" I'm still learning on not to worry 
So there you have I had to pour out what I have been reminded of ♥️  so family & friends don't forget his promises as you go through daily speed bumps !!"  Sometimes we have to be stuck in life so we can be refreshed "  feeling refreshed  after a hard day


Happy late thanks giving everyone !

 Every year we have a cousins photo together πŸ˜€ 

Thanks giving has come and gone!! 

Hope every one has had a blessed thanksgiving  as we have ! My husbands new job he could not join our family for our thanksgiving meal but he had to work on that day!!! But he got holiday pay and double pay πŸ˜€ he was a happy man 

The turkey Savannah made !!"

Savannah & great aunt Mary 
Waiting for dinner & bonding time 

My cousin and her mom my aunt 

Lindsay's randy daughter  Savannah age 5

My sweet cousins ( sisters)

My sweet cousins  cousin in law

 Wait for it!

No more pics!!!!

Some one ready for pumpkin pie!

Baby Charlotte is loving pumpkin pie 

Cousins mother in law and her husband  
& there grand kids 😘😘

My mom & me  I love this photo of us!!

Trying to get my first selfie with my cousin Charlotte 

Had a few great moments before she wanted her mommy !!!" I'll talk what I can get!! 


Moms #8 Charity QuiltπŸ™‚ 2015 Oct - Nov

My moms #8 Charity Quilt!" 
For the fire victims and flood from High Prarie in Parker Colorado !" 

I'm so happy my mom taught me how to Quilt!" πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜

Every Quilt has a story we may not know the owner of the Quilts we make but God does and he blessed our Quilts work to bring others Joy & Comfort !


Look up in the sky it's AirPlains all over !"

This size is 66 by 66" available for new owner πŸ˜€

Putting on the binding on a cold rainy day   ☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️☔️

This is available for anyone who loves AirPlains ✈️✈️✈️

Message me if u would like to own this Quilt I do have lots of references if u need to have them "πŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

Tell me what I think can't wait to hear from u! 

Got my Quilt back from long arm Quilter yesterday! 

She did fluffy clouds all over my AirPlains Quilt ! 

The size is 66 by 66 "

This is an old pattern called "5 in dime "
Very good for show casing fabrics !!"

Then I pieced the back 
This Quilt needs to be sold someone who needs it "
With my left over scraps πŸ˜€
The back 
Do u now see the fluffy clouds that are quilted all over the Quilt !?:)


Star Wars large throw! August 28 / 2015

Of course I can't keep a secret my husband knows I'm making this for his birthday !😍❤️

Star Wars fabrics !!!!  My husband is a huge fan of starwars so for his birthday gift I decided to make this for him as a gift ❤️πŸ˜€
I cut this out Friday night and sewed yesterday when I got home from lunch and sewed all after noon!!!" 

By the time I got done my back my was killing men! But worth every minute this was such a fun pattern and I'm surprise how well this turn out !!

Close up

Was surprise the gold turned out pretty good ! Made it pop !" 


Small throw AirPlains Quilt for anyone available "

August  27 now ready to be Quilted !!

This is a Large Throw I was able to get the boarders on last night πŸ˜€

This Quilt is avaible for any one who loves AirPlains !!!! 

Wasn't sure about that gray color boarder but as I got it finished the gold first and the gray really made it pop! 

This pattern is an oldie called "nickes & Dimes " unknown author "

It was fast and fun easy for begginers and great for show casing what u want to show off first which was the AirPlains πŸ˜πŸ’—✈️!!!!!  


Winter Mug Rug!

August 26 / 2015 
Yesterday I had a fantastic afternoon taking a class on a winter mug rug on a embroidery machine !!!

 This was the beauty  I learned how to use !!!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•

This was the project we learned to do πŸ˜€

Winter mug rug !"

It's comming along nicely !!!!  
 Every one chose different colors on the side ribbon on the right  everyone winter mug rug turn out so cute!  

I'm hooked on embroidery machines ! 
If u have one please tell me what brand u have and why u love it and how often do u use it?! 

I'm so hooked on embroidery classes now in signing up for more after the third time of changing thread Tina new color of thread I finally caught  on To threading it by heart !❤️ 
I know we can't afford one now but that is on my Christmas and anniversary list together. ! Lol 
I'm amazed it threads it through the needle by itself ! πŸ˜œπŸ˜€ I sat down and I was already in love πŸ’•πŸ’—